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Simmons<sup>®</sup> BeautySleep<sup>®</sup>

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Are you getting the sleep you deserve? Sleep smarter by getting the refreshing sleep you need. Whether you're looking for a twin, full, queen or king mattress, Simmons® has the right bed for you. Simmons® mattresses use only the finest American-made materials, combining innovative hybrid technology, fusing memory foam and their patented Simmons® Pocketed Coil® spring system to ensure you get a great night's sleep.

Simmons<sup>®</sup> Beautyrest<sup>®</sup>
Simmons<sup>®</sup> Beautyrest<sup>®</sup>

Wake up prepared to face the day. A good morning starts with an amazing night's rest. Simmons® Beautyrest® will leave you refreshed, restored, and ready for the day.

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Simmons<sup>®</sup> BeautySleep<sup>®</sup>
Simmons<sup>®</sup> BeautySleep<sup>®</sup>

Better quality sleep must mean you're sleeping on a Simmons® BeautySleep®. Everything you need for a better night's sleep. Simmons® BeautySleep® provides soothing comfort like no other.

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Simmons<sup>®</sup> Silver<sup>™</sup>

Energizing Sleep for a Restored You

We all know that life can get a little hectic. Busy schedules and nonstop to-do lists mean you have to hit the ground running refreshed and ready to go. That's why there's Beautyrest® Silver. Sophisticated design paired with intuitive technologies help you to wake up and embrace the day ahead.

Simmons<sup>®</sup> Beautyrest Platinum<sup>™</sup>

Experience Elegance

Every facet working in concert that's Beautyrest Platinum. From its expert craftsmanship and innovative design to its superior style, the collection offers both an exceptional mattress and a finely tuned sleep experience.

Simmons<sup>®</sup> Beautyrest Black<sup>®</sup>

Dream in Black

Sleep is more than a necessity and a mattress should represent something more than utility. Beautyrest Black® is where technology and luxury intertwine to take you far beyond mere comfort. It's about sleep that indulges the senses. Sleep that refuses to compromise. Sleep that's so completely restorative and inspiring, it borders on the sacred. Explore the distinctive elements that compose the Beautyrest Black® sleep experience.

Simmons<sup>®</sup> BeautySleep<sup>®</sup>

Everything you need for a better night's sleep.

The time for a better mattress is now. Simmons® BeautySleep® has raised the bar on what it means to be a quality mattress. We've taken trusted technologies that enhance sleep and durability and paired them with soft, stylish finishes to help provide a more dependable, enjoyable sleep. It's a beautiful thing. Simmons® BeautySleep®.

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Energize and Revitalize

Simmons® BeautySleep® mattresses let you rest easy. Soft, yet durable high-quality materials like exclusive wrapped coils that adjust independently to the weight and contour of your body, providing pressure relief and more back support. Simmons® mattresses maximize your sleeping surface area and are designed to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature. Simmons® BeautySleep® provides soothing comfort like no other.